Doppler Detection of Gravitational Bursts Using the Earth's Satellitesстатья

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[1] Doppler detection of gravitational bursts using the earth's satellites / V. V. Kulagin, A. Y. Kochetkova, V. N. Rudenko, M. Tinto // Cosmic Research (English translation of Kosimicheskie Issledovaniya). — 2004. — Vol. 42, no. 1. — P. 13–18. We discuss the possibility of detection of low-frequency gravitational waves by means of Doppler tracking of a relatively close satellite of the Earth. A detailed analysis is performed of electromagnetic fluctuations in the space communication channel and of the instrumental noise of receiving–transmitting systems. It is shown that when certain compensating procedures are used, one can detect gravitational radiation generated in star collapses and coalescences of binaries in our Galaxy in the frequency range from 2 10-3 to 5 10-1 Hz and with a metric variation amplitude of 10-15 and higher.

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