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[1] Description of continuum spectrum states of light nuclei in the shell model / I. A. Mazur, A. M. Shirokov, A. I. Mazur et al. // Physics of Particles and Nuclei. — 2019. — Vol. 50, no. 5. — P. 537–543. The SS-HORSE method is applied to describe the scattering of nucleons by light nuclei based on calculations within the No-Core Shell Model with JISP16 and Daejeon16 NN interactions. The resonant states in 5He, 5Li, and 7He nuclei have been investigated. The SS-HORSE method generalized to the case of the democratic decay is also applied to study a four-neutron system (tetraneutron). The calculations with JISP16 and Daejeon16 and with chiral NN interactions indicate the existence of a rather narrow low-energy tetraneutron resonance. [ DOI ]

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