V-0 production in p plus A collisions at root s=41.6 GeVстатья

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[1] V-0 production in p plus a collisions at root s=41.6 gev / V. Aushev, M. Danilov, V. Egorytchev et al. // European Physical Journal C. — 2009. — Vol. 61, no. 2. — P. 207–221. Inclusive doubly differential cross sections d(2)sigma(pA)/dx(F)d(p2T) as a function of Feynman-x (x(F)) and transverse momentum (p(T)) for the production of K-S(0), Lambda and (Lambda) over bar in proton-nucleus interactions at 920 GeV are presented. The measurements were performed by HERA-B in the negative xF range (-0.12 < x(F) < 0.0) and for transverse momenta up to p(T) = 1.6 GeV/c. Results for three target materials: carbon, titanium and tungsten are given. The ratios of production cross sections are presented and discussed. The Cronin effect is clearly observed for all three V 0 species. The atomic number dependence is parameterized as sigma(pA) = sigma(pN) . A(alpha) where sigma(pN) is the proton-nucleon cross section. The measured values of a are all near one. The results are compared with EPOS 1.67 and PYTHIA 6.3. EPOS reproduces the data to within approximate to 20% except at very low transverse momentum. [ DOI ]

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