Limits for the central production of Theta(+) and Xi(--) pentaquarks in 920-GeV pA collisionsстатья

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[1] Limits for the central production of theta(+) and xi(–) pentaquarks in 920-gev pa collisions / V. Aushev, M. Danilov, V. Egorytchev et al. // Physical Review Letters. — 2004. — Vol. 93, no. 21. We have searched for Theta(+)(1540) and Xi(–)(1862) pentaquark candidates in proton-induced reactions on C, Ti, and W targets at midrapidity and roots=41.6 GeV. In 2x10(8) inelastic events we find no evidence for narrow (sigmaapproximate to5 MeV) signals in the Theta(+)–>pK(S)(0) and Xi(–)–>Xi(-)pi(-) channels; our 95% C.L. upper limits (UL) for the inclusive production cross section times branching fraction B dsigma/dyparallel to(yapproximate to0) are (4-16)mub/N for a Theta(+) mass between 1521 and 1555 MeV, and 2.5mub/N for the Xi(–). The UL of the yield ratio of Theta(+)/Lambda(1520)<(3-12)% is significantly lower than model predictions. Our UL of B Xi(–)/Xi(1530)(0)<4% is at variance with the results that have provided the first evidence for the Xi(–). [ DOI ]

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