Gravitational Bremsstrahlung from Massless-particle Collisionsстатья

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[1] Spirin P., Tomaras T. N. Gravitational bremsstrahlung from massless-particle collisions // ArXiv e-prints. — 2015. — Vol. 1512, no. arXiv:1512.08012[hep-th]. — P. 1–6. The angular and frequency characteristics of the gravitational radiation emitted in collisions of massless particles is studied perturbatively in the context of classical General Relativity for small values of the ratio α of the Schwarzschild radius r_S over the impact parameter. The particles are described with their trajectories, while the contribution of the leading nonlinear terms of the gravitational action is also taken into account. The old quantum results are reproduced in the zero frequency limit ω≪1/b. The radiation efficiency ϵ outside a narrow cone of angle α in the forward and backward directions with respect to the initial particle trajectories is given by ϵ∼α^2 and is dominated by radiation with characteristic frequency ω∼O(1/r_S). The comparison with previous works and the known literature is presented.

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