A New Approach to the Description of a Polymer-Analogous Reaction and Interdiffusion in a Blend of Compartible Polymersстатья

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[1] Kudryavtsev Y. V., Govorun E. N., Litmanovich A. D. A new approach to the description of a polymer-analogous reaction and interdiffusion in a blend of compartible polymers // Polymer Science - Series A. — 2001. — Vol. 43, no. 11. — P. 1085–1089. A new approach was developed to the theory of polymer-analogous transformations in a compositionally inhomogeneous polymer blend. Diffusion equations describing the evolution of blend composition were derived for an arbitrary distribution of units in the chains of a copolymer produced in the course of reaction. The calculation of the free energy of the blend was shown to be much simplified by using information entropy. As an example, an expression for the free energy was obtained in terms of variables describing a distribution of triads of various types in the reacting chains.

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