Phase Separation in Polymer Blends: Growth of a Single Particleстатья

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[1] Kudryavtsev Y. V., Govorun E. N., Litmanovich A. D. Phase separation in polymer blends: Growth of a single particle // Polymer Science - Series A. — 2000. — Vol. 42, no. 4. — P. 412–416. The problem of growth of a single spherical particle of the disperse phase under the phase separation conditions in a homopolymer A–homopolymer B–diblock copolymer AB blend was considered. The particle growth was assumed to proceed in a finite-size region by diffusion of chains dissolved in the continuous phase. An equation for the time variation of the particle radius was obtained under the assumption that the copolymer chains captured by the particle growing from the homogeneous blend are uniformly distributed over the particle surface. The stabilizing effect of the diblock copolymer was studied numerically. The effect of finite size of the system on the particle growth was considered. It was shown that the particle must lose spherical shape when a certain size is attained.

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