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[1] Mayer R. V. Research of the multicomponent pupil’s model on the computer // Advanced Studies in Science: Theory & Practice. — Vol. 4 of Published with assistance from the Global Partnership on Development of Scientific Cooperation. — Global Partnership on Development of Scientific Cooperation, LLC., 2015 London, 2015. — P. 81–95. In article several three-component models of pupils are analysed. The model 1 considers the following: (i) during trainings, the amount of weak (poor) pupil’s knowledge increases, and part of weak knowledge transforms into stronger (solid) knowledge; (ii) after the end of the training, strong knowledge gradually turns into less strong one, and the amount of weak knowledge decreases on the exponential law. Model 2 allows considering that at the increase in the lag from teacher’s requirements, the pupil’s motivation to learning and the efforts spent by them at first increases, reaches a maximum, and then decreases. Model 3 is a development of the previous models and considers that an increase in speed of teacher’s statements about the new material, the transmission coefficient of the “teacher–pupil” channel is equal 1 at first, and then it smoothly decreases to 0. By methods of imitating modeling, it hase been found: (i) there is an increase in pupil’s knowledge who is trained at 11–year school; (ii) there is a change in pupil’s knowledge in that case, when a teacher divides the theoretical material into several parts and alternates them with a number of practical tasks; (iii) there is also the dependence of the maximum quantity of the acquired knowledge and the corresponding speed of the statement from a number of the training material’s parts. [ DOI ]

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