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1. Полный текст Scientific_research_of_the_SCO_countries_-_English_Report... 3,3 МБ 23 ноября 2019 [RENATA]

[1] Zhang T., Gasanova R. The formation of inclusive education // Materials of the International Conference “Scientific research of the SCO countries: synergy and integration” - Reports in English. — Vol. 4 of Part 2 (July 31, 2019. Beijing, PRC). — Beijing, China, 2019. — P. 57–63. The article is devoted to the actual problem of formation of inclusive education in modern society, the inclusion and implementation of methods of activities, techniques and approaches to education. Modern trends in the development of inclusive education have a certain historical age and deep socio-cultural roots. The creation of modern special educational conditions will ensure equal opportunities for each student with the peculiarities of development and quality education. After all, progress is in what people can do, not in what they can't. [ DOI ]

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