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[1] Sokolova E. T. Phenomena of loss of self // European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences. — 2019. — Vol. 64, no. 87. — P. 667–674. Subjective intolerance for uncertainty and loss of Self by an individual in the modern world is demonstrated in the present article. Using the example of the “split” Russian public consciousness, the phenomenology of two types of loss of Self (diffusion and destructive narcissization of self-identity) are considered with regards to social traumas and global social transformations of our time. It is believed that the sociocultural conditions of fluidity, transitivity, uncertainty create a situation of general increased vulnerability, victimization and traumatic exposure to the past, present and future situations of uncertainty. The term “precarity” is used in the sense which is closest to understanding by Ulrich Beck, when social cataclysms and fractures become the inner content of individual and collective experiences of insecurity, unsafety, intolerable anxieties. A clinical interpretation of the current state of Russian public consciousness is given, the integrity of which is deficient, split; subcultures are antagonized; no signs of cooperation and solidarity are present. The loss of Self, crystallized in the experiences of patients with personality disorders and comorbid suicidal behavior, are summarized. The phenomenology of the loss of Self is analyzed, which is expressed in the traumatic intolerable experiences of uncertainty, diffusion and destructive narcissization of self-identity, perfectionism, as well as in manipulative, violent and hostile attitude towards the Other, in refusal to understand and take into account the subjective world of the Other, and in cognitively simplified character of mentalization. [ DOI ]

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