Musculo-Epithelial Cells in the Intestine of the Representative of Hemichordates Saccoglossus mereschkowskii (Hemichordata, Enteropneusta)статья

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[1] Ezhova O. V., Malakhov V. V. Musculo-epithelial cells in the intestine of the representative of hemichordates saccoglossus mereschkowskii (hemichordata, enteropneusta) // Doklady Biological Sciences. — 2007. — Vol. 414. — P. 216–218. Hemichordates are the small taxon of marine invertebrates considered as a group closely related to ancestors of chordates. Enteropneusts (Enteropneusta) are a class within the phylum Hemichordata which specimens are burrowers of marine sediments. Microscopic anatomy of enteropneusts has been described in detail in a range of classic studies. At the same time enteropneusts have been poorly studied by contemporary methods. And there are not fine structure studies of all systems of organs. This research deals with intestinal epithelium of pharyngeal department of the enteropneust Saccoglossus mereschkowskii Wagner, 1885. [ DOI ]

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