Surface Properties of Silica Gel Modified by Trifunctional Polyfluoroalkyl Silanes According to Data of Adsorption–Structural and Gas Chromatography Studiesстатья

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[1] Surface properties of silica gel modified by trifunctional polyfluoroalkyl silanes according to data of adsorption–structural and gas chromatography studies / T. M. Roshchina, N. K. Shoniya, O. Y. Tegina et al. // Protection of Metals and Physical Chemistry of Surfaces. — 2016. — Vol. 52, no. 4. — P. 590–598. Surface properties of silica gels modified by trifunctional polyfluorosilanes n-C6F13(CH2)2SiCl3 and iso-C3F7(CH2)2SiCl3 are studied using the methods of adsorption and gas chromatography with respect to nitrogen, hydrocarbon, and water molecules. It is shown that the branched structure of the grafted group and high concentration of grafted groups (2.7 nm–2) provide better screening of both residual silanols of the support and of additional hydroxyl groups formed in the course of synthesis as a result of hydrolysis. [ DOI ]

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