Geometric Simplification of Administrative Borders With Mixture of Irregular and Orthogonal Segmentsстатья

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[1] Samsonov T. E., Yakimova O. P. Geometric simplification of administrative borders with mixture of irregular and orthogonal segments // Proceedings of 19th ICA Workshop on Generalisation and Multiple Representation, Helsinki, 14 June 2016. — Helsinki, Finland, 2016. — P. 1–12. Line generalization is one of the essential data processing operations in GIS and cartography. Many point reduction, line simplification and generalization algorithms have been developed for this purpose so far. Several specialized algorithms can be found that allow simplification of buildings — mainly to preserve their rectangular shape and reproduce it in general form. In this article we present a more common methodology for simplification of lines consisting of both natural (irregular) and artificial (orthogonal) segments. The core of the presented methodology is an algorithm for detection of right angle sequences. After the line is subdivided into irregular and orthogonal parts, their simplification is made separately by different approaches. The methodology is assesed on the example from Russian admninistrative units.

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