UBVRI and H-beta observations of 3C 390.3 (Shapovalova+ 2001)статья

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[1] Ubvri and h-beta observations of 3c 390.3 (shapovalova+ 2001) / A. I. Shapovalova, A. N. Burenkov, L. Carrasco et al. // VizieR Online Data Catalog. — 2001. — Vol. 337. — P. 60775. We have monitored the AGN 3C 390.3 between 1995 and 2000. A historical B-band light curve dating back to 1966 shows a large increase in brightness during 1970-1971, followed by a gradual decrease down to a minimum in 1982. During the 1995-2000 lapse the broad Hβ emission and the continuum flux varied by a factor of ∼3. Two large amplitude outbursts, of different duration, in continuum and light were observed i.e.: in October 1994 a brighter flare that lasted ∼1000 days and in July 1997 another one that lasted ∼700 days were detected. The response time lag of the emission lines relative to flux changes of the continuum has been found to vary with time i.e. during 1995-1997 a lag of about 100 days is evident, while during 1998-1999 a double valued lag of ∼100 days and ∼35 days is present in our data. The flux in the Hβ wings and line core vary simultaneously, a behavior indicative of predominantly circular motions in the broad line region. Important changes of the Hβ emission profiles were detected: at times, we found profiles with prominent asymmetric wings, like those normaly seen in Sy1s, while at other times, we observe profiles with weak, almost symmetrical wings, similar to those of Sy1.8s. (3 data files).

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