Photoneutron measurements in the GDR region at ELI-NPстатья

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[1] Photoneutron measurements in the gdr region at eli-np / M. Krzysiek, E. Açıksöz, D. Balabanski et al. // Exotic nuclei and nuclear/particle astrophysics (VII) – physics wuth small accelerators. Book Series: AIP Conference Proceedings. — 2076. — AIP, 2019. — P. 040004–1–040004–6. The Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) is a facility dedicated to nuclear physics research with extreme electromagnetic fields. The expected gamma-ray beams with energies up to 20 MeV, 0.5% relative energy resolution and ∼108 photons per second intensity will allow precise photonuclear measurements. Nuclear structure experiments will involve photo-excitations of mainly low-spin collective states and the observation of the radiation emitted in the subsequent decays. Photoneutron reactions and elastic and inelastic photon scattering are proposed to be recorded using a mixed gamma-neutron detection system using LaBr3:Ce, CeBr3, BC501A and GS20 detectors. Photoneutron (γ,xn) with x=1,2 reactions cross sections measurements will be performed with a 4π flat efficiency neutron detection system dedicated for neutron multiplicity sorting experiments. The detection system is comprised of 3He counters embedded in a moderator block. The paper will introduce the experimental setups dedicated to studies of the nuclear Giant Dipole Resonance excitation mode using the high energy resolution and high intensity ELI-NP gamma-ray beams. The feasibility studies performed using extensive Geant4 simulations, results of detector tests will be presented. [ DOI ]

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