Spin-electron acoustic waves: The Landau damping and ion contribution in the spectrumстатья

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[1] Andreev P. A. Spin-electron acoustic waves: The landau damping and ion contribution in the spectrum // Physics of Plasmas. — 2016. — Vol. 23. — P. 062103. Separated spin-up and spin-down quantum kinetics is derived for more detailed research of the spin-electron acoustic waves (SEAWs). This kinetic theory allows us to obtain the spectrum of the SEAWs including the effects of occupation of quantum states more accurately than the quantum hydrodynamic theory. We derive and apply the quantum kinetic theory to calculate the Landau damping of the SEAWs. We consider the contribution of ions dynamics into the SEAW spectrum. We obtain the contribution of ions in the Landau damping in the temperature regime of classic ions. Kinetic analysis for the ion-acoustic, zero sound, and Langmuir waves at the separated spin-up and spin-down electron dynamics is presented as well. [ DOI ]

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