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[1] Doubly charmed baryon production in hadronic experiments / A. V. Berezhnoy, V. V. Kiselev, A. K. Likhoded, A. I. Onishchenko // Physical Review D. — 1998. — Vol. 57. — P. 4385–4392. In the leading order of perturbative QCD one calculates the total and differential cross-sections for the hadronic production of doubly charmed baryons Ξcc and Ξ∗cc in different experiments. The experimental evaluation of cross-sections for the J/Ψ+D+Dˉ production would allow one to decrease the uncertainty in the determination of cross-sections for the doubly charmed baryons due to the choice of αs and mc. One shows that in the HERA-B and E781 experiments with fixed tagets the suppression of the Ξcc and Ξ∗cc production to the yield of ccˉ-pairs is the value of the order of 10−6−10−5, whereas at the TEVATRON and LHC colliders it is about 10−4−10−3. In the E781 experiment the observation of Ξcc and Ξ∗cc is practically unpossible. At the HERA-B and TEVATRON facilities one can expect 105 events with the double charm, and at LHC one has about 109 ones. [ DOI ]

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