Reproduction Ecology of Masu Salmon Oncorhynchus masou in the Kol Basin (Western Kamchatkaстатья

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[1] Reproduction ecology of masu salmon oncorhynchus masou in the kol basin (western kamchatka / K. V. Kuzishchin, A. M. Malyutina, M. A. Gruzdeva et al. // Journal of Ichthyology. — 2009. — Vol. 49, no. 6. — P. 441–453. In the Kol basin, one of the typical salmon rivers of Western Kamchatka, special traits of repro duction ecology of masu salmon Oncorhynchus masou are studied (characteristics and behavior of spawners during spawning, localization of spawning grounds, topography and hydrology of redds, and interaction with other species of salmonids). The masu salmon spawns in the Kol basin in tributaries of the upper reaches of the river and only in downwelling. Spawning grounds of masu samlmon are confined to stretches with over hanging banks, log jams creating shelters for spawners and favorable hydrological conditions for spawning and egg development. All over its range, masu salmon requires similar conditions for reproduction. In the north of its range, in Kamchatka, masu salmon retains the properties of the most warm water species in the genus Oncorhynchus and selects for spawning the grounds characterized by the highest temperature in the period of spawning and development. [ DOI ]

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