Double J/psi-meson Production at LHC and 4c-tetraquark stateстатья

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[1] Double j/psi-meson production at lhc and 4c-tetraquark state / A. V. Berezhnoy, A. K. Likhoded, A. V. Luchinsky, A. A. Novoselov // Physical Review D. — 2011. — Vol. 84. — P. 094023. The article is devoted to double J/psi-meson production at LHC. Theoretical predictions for pp -> 2J/psi+X cross section at sqrt{s}=7 TeV for different kinematical restrictions are presented. Special attention is payed to possible contribution of novel particles – tetraquarks build from four c-quarks. According to presented in our article estimates, it is quietly possible to observe at least one of these state (tensor meson) experimentally. [ DOI ]

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