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1. Полный текст 10.1007_s11224-016-0773-2.pdf 1,2 МБ 30 августа 2017 [ZakharovVN]

[1] Design of 2d nanocrystals / V. N. Zakharov, A. V. Yatsenko, K. A. Paseshnichenko et al. // Structural Chemistry. — 2017. — Vol. 28, no. 1. — P. 141–146. First online: 31 May 2016 Abstract New universal method for preparation of 2D nanocrystals has been developed. Dispersion of flat silicon nanocrystals coated with the perfluorophenyl ligands has been obtained. Flat silicon nanocrystals are formed due to specific interactions between the perfluorophenyl ligands. The fact of binding of the perfluorophenyl ligands to the surface of silicon nanoparticles is supported by FTIR spectroscopy. Morphology and structure of the synthesized Si nanoparticles were studied by transmission electron microscopy. The samples comprise two types of nanoparticles: spherical and flat (2D structures). Electron diffraction pattern demonstrates that spherical Si nanoparticles are amorphous. The spot diffraction patterns are observed for flat Si nanoparticles which have the crystalline structure. The size of these particles varies from 15 to 70 nm. Small and large silicon nanoparticles are interrelated: Large flat plates are the products of aggregation and crystallization of small nanoparticles. The role of solvent, 1,2-dimethoxyethane (glyme), in formation and stabilization of silicon nanocrystals was studied in this research by 29Si and 13C MAS NMR spectroscopy. It was shown that silicon nanocrystals were stabilized by the products of cleavage of the C–O bonds in ethers and similar compounds. It was demonstrated that MAS NMR spectroscopy is rather informative for study of the surface of silicon nanoparticles but needs very pure samples. Keywords Silicon Perfluorophenyl and alkyl ligands 2D nanocrystals C–O bond cleavage. [ DOI ]

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