Effect of Vital Activity of Soil-Dwelling Tipulid (Tipula maxima) Larvae on Biological Activity in the Soilстатья

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[1] Effect of vital activity of soil-dwelling tipulid (tipula maxima) larvae on biological activity in the soil / N. V. Kostina, A. N. Chernysheva, M. V. Gorlenko et al. // Moscow University Soil Science Bulletin. — 2019. — Vol. 74, no. 1. — P. 44–48. The effect of crane fly (Diptera, Tipulidae) larvae on the functional diversity of soil microorganism communities and the intensity of nitrogen and carbon transformation processes in soil has been investigated. The vital activity of larvae in the soil has been shown to significantly accelerate nitrogen fixation, denitrification, and methane production and elevate the functional diversity (the number of substrates consumed and metabolic work) and stability of the microbial complex. [ DOI ]

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