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[1] Pichugina A. O., Menshikova G. Y. Perception of self-face and other-face attractiveness // Perception. — 2019. — Vol. 48, no. S1. — P. 77–77. It was revealed that the size of eyes and lips are important characteristics of face attractiveness. This study aims to investigate the impact of these factors on how people perceive attractiveness of their own face and other faces. The participants involved were 10 Japanese students who are all familiar with each other. Their portraits were taken, and, in each photo, the eyes and lips were magnified, shrunk, or kept as original. The first series of the experiment used photos with modified eyes, and the second series, with modified lips. Participants were asked to choose a photo that closely resembled the real face, while eye movements were being recorded. The results show that for their own face, participants often chose smaller eyes and original size of lips, while for other faces, participants often chose original size of eyes and shrunk lips. Duration and number of fixations on their own and other faces did not significantly differ. This study was supported by RFBR, project #18-013-01087. [ DOI ]

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