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[1] New outburst of ngc 2617 / V. L. Oknyansky, N. A. Huseynov, V. M. Lipunov et al. // The Astronomer’s Telegram. — 2016. — Vol. 9050. — P. 1. Optical and IR photometry show that the activity of NGC 2617 is continuing and that it is undergoing another outburst. We obtained further JK photometry with the 2.5-m telescope of the SAI Caucasus Mountain Observatory on May 11 (see ATel #9015 for details). NGC 2617 is now brighter than it has been since the end of Jan. The light curve for a 5-arcsecond aperture can be seen here. CCD photometry with the 50-cm AZT-5 telescope of the SAI MSU Crimean Station on May 7 and 9 showed that NGC 2617 had a B magnitude of 14.71 in a 10-arcsecond aperture. This is about 0.3 mag. brighter than on April 22. Unfiltered CCD photometry with a 15-arcsecond (8-pixel) aperture by the MASTER Global Robotic Network at May 11 confirms that NGC 2617 continues to be in a bright state and continues to vary. It is brighter than on Apr. 22 by about 0.1 mag. An updated light curve can be seen∼oknyan/Combine3_NGC_2617.jpg ">here. (B is shown at the top and the unfiltered MASTER relative magnitudes at bottom - see ATel #9015 for details.) This work has been supported in part by M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University Development Program. We thank the SAI director, A.M. Cherepashchuk, for granting us director's discretionary time.

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