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[1] Structural study & biocompatibility of mixed-cationic polyphosphates / D. Zuev, E. Klimashina, M. Kikuchi et al. // Scandinavian Society for Biomaterials (ScSB) 2019 Conference, June 12-14 2019, Kirkkonummi, Finland, 2019. — eCM Meeting Abstracts 2019, Collection 2, 2019. — P. 65–65. Polyphosphates (PolyPs)with Ca2+/Mg2+ or Ca2+/Na+ cations can be perspective biomaterial for bone grafts with cumulative regeneration effect since linear PolyPs can be cut consequently by ALP enzyme in extracellular medium into orthophosphates (Pi), and statistically into pyrophosphates (PPi) and metaphosphates. Biomineralization rate of osteoblasts can be regulated by kinetics of PolyPs solubility in aqueous solution in vivo. Structural study of soluble and insoluble mix-cationic PolyPs is necessary for better understanding of degradation model in a living organism. Biocompatibility is also required for living matter/graft interface interaction. Such materials can be used as a cumulative resorbable filler for a 3D composite (CaP/biopolymer) with a complex macroporous framework providing osteoconductivity.

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