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[1] Shalva E., Oleg S., Mariya V. Microsurgical angioarchitectonics of deep brain structures and deep arterial anastomoses // World Neurosurgery. — 2019. — Vol. 126. — P. 1092–1098. Background Surgeries for deep and eloquent cerebral lesions require a detailed knowledge of normal brain anatomy and accurate planning. Important parts of brain anatomy are the cerebral blood supply and collateral circulation system. In addition to well-known cortical and basal (circle of Willis) anastomoses, there is also a deep interarterial anastomotic circle that is not described in the literature. Methods Twenty brain specimens were studied for deep arterial anastomotic connections between branches of the anterior and posterior choroidal arteries. Results We have marked 3 symmetric zones of deep arterial anastomoses that form an epithalamic circle. Conclusions Epithalamic anastomoses provide an additional mechanism of blood distribution that may play a role during surgical interventions or stroke. [ DOI ]

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