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[1] Sveshnikova E. Phänomenologische analyse von vorbildern für leiderfahrungen jugendlicher // Existenzanalyse. — 2016. — Vol. 1. — P. 78–84. The experience of suffering in terms of Existential Analysis is a deep personal process of coming to terms with the loss of fundamental conditions of existence. Modern teens seeking psychological help often show a predominance of psychodynamic patterns concerning loss, and they frequently lack personal processing in suffering situations. We assumed that this is due to the absence of significant examples of orientation for the personal processing of suffering in their life experience. In the present study, we analyzed the behavioral patterns of the suffering experience demonstrated by the popular TV-show heroes that teens choose as reference behavior models (11 male and 12 female models). As a result we found that these heroes demonstrate psychodynamic behavior patterns in difficult life situations in most cases. We checked these results in psychotherapeutic practice by comparing the cases of suffering experience of our clients to the conducted samples, and observed similarities between their attitudes and the reference behavior models which consequently prevent teenagers from personally dealing with the theme of suffering.

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