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[1] Soloveichik G. L., Bulychev B. M. Bimetallic transition metal hydride complexes // Russian Chemical Reviews. — 1983. — Vol. 52, no. 1. — P. 43–60. The literature data on bimetallic transition metal hydride complexes containing metal–hydrogen bonds and non-transition metal atoms are described systematically and discussed. The principal methods of synthesis of these compounds and ways of stabilising them in the lowest oxidation state by cyclopentadienyl and other electron-donating ligands are considered. The characteristics of the changes in the transition metal–non-transition metal and metal–hydrogen bond types as a function of the electronic configuration and the ligand environment of the metal atoms forming part of the bimetallic hydride complex are noted. The influence of complex formation on the geometrical parameters and spectrochemical characteristics of the metal–hydrogen bond are discussed.

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