Monometal Hydrido-complexes of Transition Metalsстатья

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[1] Soloveichik G. L., Bulychev B. M. Monometal hydrido-complexes of transition metals // Russian Chemical Reviews. — 1982. — Vol. 51, no. 3. — P. 286–302. Published information on the chemistry of these complexes stabilised by cyclopentadienyl and other ligands is systematised, and modes of formation of a metal–hydrogen bond in their synthesis are discussed. Consideration is given to the influence on this bond of the structure of various types of transition-metal hydrides containing one, two, or three cyclopentadienyl groups in the coordination sphere. The possibility of stabilising the bond with σ-donor ligands is discussed. The chemical properties of these compounds and the possibility of their use as catalysts are examined. A list of 160 references is included.

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