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[1] Automated detection of heterogeneity in medical tactile images / R. Solodova, V. Staroverov, V. Galatenko et al. // Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 22. — Vol. 220 of Studies in Health Technology and Informatics. — IOS Press, 2016. — P. 383–389. Artificial tactile sensing is a capability important for many applications and, in particular, for endoscopic surgery. A recently developed Medical Tactile Endosurgical Complex (MTEC) that is a certified and commercially available product is an efficient tool that provides such a capability. Currently the analysis of intraoperative tactile images that are registered and visualized by MTEC is performed manually by a surgeon. We show that heterogeneity detection - a key constituent of intraoperative tactile images analysis - can be efficiently automated. Such automation essentially reduces the requirement of attention retaining during the MTEC-based palpation. [ DOI ]

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