Model with Coupled Internal and External Channels for 2N and 3N Systemsстатья

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[1] Pomerantsev V. N., Kukulin V. I., Rubtsova O. A. Model with coupled internal and external channels for 2n and 3n systems // Few-Body Systems. — 2019. — Vol. 60. — P. 48. A Faddeev-type formalism for a three-body problem with two-body interactions containing internal degrees of freedom is introduced. The Faddeev equations for the basic objects such as total resolvent, scattering wave function and transition operators are derived explicitly. As a particular example, the dibaryon model for N N interaction with internal channel corresponding to a six-quark bag is considered. It is shown that this interaction model allows reproducing both real and imaginary parts of some NN partial phase shifts at energies up to 600 MeV. The developed formalism can be also applied to other quantum systems. [ DOI ]

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