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[1] Voronina Y., Komissarov I., Sveshnikov K. Casimir force variability in one-dimensional qed systems // Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics. — 2019. — Vol. 99. — P. 062504–1—22. The Casimir force between two extended charge sources, embedded in a background of one-dimensional massive Dirac fermions, is explored by means of original contour integration techniques. For identical sources with the same (positive) charge, we find that in the nonperturbative region the Casimir interaction between them can reach sufficiently large negative values and simultaneously reveal the features of a long-range force in spite of nonzero fermion mass. For large distances s between sources we recover that their mutual interaction is governed primarily by the structure of the discrete spectrum of a single source, through which it can be tuned to give an attractive, a repulsive, or an almost compensated Casimir force with various rates of the exponential decay, quite different from the standard exp(−2ms) law. A quite different behavior of the Casimir force is found for the system of two extended sources with the opposite charge. In particular, in this case, there is no possibility for a long-range interaction between sources. The asymptotics of the Casimir force follows the standard exp(−2ms) law. Moreover, for small separations between sources the Casimir force, being calculated completely nonperturbatively, for symmetric and antisymmetric cases turns out to be of different sign and also opposite to the classic electrostatic force for such Coulomb sources. By means of the same (dubbed ln [Wronskian]) techniques, the case of two pointlike charge sources is also considered in a self-consistent manner with similar results for the variability of the Casimir force. [ DOI ]

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