Discovery of the New WZ Sge Star SDSS J080434.20+510349.2статья

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[1] Discovery of the new wz sge star sdss j080434.20+510349.2 / E. Pavlenko, S. Y. Shugarov, N. A. Katysheva et al. // 15th European Workshop on White Dwarfs. — Vol. 372 of ASP Conference Series. — Astronomical Society of the Pacific [Provo, Utah, etc.], United States, 2007. — P. 511–514. We present the results of photometric observations of SDSS J080434.20+510349.2 in its low state and during an outburst and spectroscopy during the outburst. We found such peculiarities as a long-term outburst with amplitude probably not less than 6m, rarity of the outbursts, eleven rebrightenings, and a short (0.059713(7) d) superhump period. We conclude that this star belongs to the WZ Sge-type subclass of cataclysmic variables. The spectrum shows both emission and absorption lines of H and He superimposed on the blue continuum. We also found 8 – 9 min. brightness variations during the end of the super-outburst plateau that could be related to pulsations of the white dwarf in the binary.

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