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[1] Particle acceleration in flares / A. O. Benz, T. Kosugi, M. J. Aschwanden et al. // Solar Physics. — 1994. — Vol. 153, no. 1. — P. 33–53. Particle acceleration is intrinsic to the primary energy release in the impulsive phase of solar flares, and we cannot understand flares without understanding acceleration. New observations in soft and hard X-rays, γ-rays and coherent radio emissions are presented, suggesting flare fragmentation in time and space. X-ray and radio measurements exhibit at least five different time scales in flares. In addition, some new observations of delayed acceleration signatures are also presented. The theory of acceleration by parallel electric fields is used to model the spectral shape and evolution of hard X-rays. The possibility of the appearance of double layers is further investigated. [ DOI ]

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