Enhanced Second-Harmonic Generation with Structured Light in AlGaAs Nanoparticles Governed by Magnetic Responseстатья

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[1] Enhanced second-harmonic generation with structured light in algaas nanoparticles governed by magnetic response / E. V. Melik-Gaykazyan, K. L. Koshelev, J. H. Choi et al. // JETP Letters. — 2019. — Vol. 109, no. 2. — P. 131–135. We employ structured light for the second-harmonic generation from subwavelength AlGaAs nanoparticles that support both electric and magnetic multipolar Mie resonances. The vectorial structure of the pump beam allows addressing selectively Mie-resonant modes and control the strength of the generated nonlinear fields. We observe experimentally the enhancement of the second-harmonic generation for the azimuthally polarized vector beams near the magnetic dipole resonance, and match our observations with the numerical decomposition of the Mie-type multipoles for the fundamental and generated second-harmonic fields. [ DOI ]

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