The changing-type Seyfert NGC 2617 remains in a high stateстатья

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[1] The changing-type seyfert ngc 2617 remains in a high state / V. L. Oknyansky, N. A. Huseynov, B. P. Artamonov et al. // The Astronomer’s Telegram. — 2016. — no. 9015. — P. 1. NGC 2617 was observed to undergo a dramatic change from a largely obscured Seyfert 1.8 to an unobscured Seyfert 1 between 2003 to 2013 (Shappee et al. 2013, ATel #5010; Shappee et al. 2014). We have been carrying out spectroscopic and BVRIJHK photometric monitoring of NGC 2617 from Jan 2016. We find that it remains in high state and can still be classified as a Seyfert 1. We have observed further variations in the optical and IR continuum levels, and also in the intensities and profiles of the Balmer lines. An optical light curve for 2010 - 2016 from the MASTER Global Robotic Network suggests that the dramatic Seyfert type change was not connected with the brightening observed at 2013 but probably happened between Oct 2010 and Feb 2012.

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