Features of the Balance Structure Formation of Groundwater Withdrawal and Its Effect on River Flow at a Subsoil Water Level Drawdownстатья

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[1] Grinevskii S. O., Sporyshev V. S. Features of the balance structure formation of groundwater withdrawal and its effect on river flow at a subsoil water level drawdown // Water Resources. — 2019. — Vol. 46, no. 3. — P. 319–331. The balance structure of the pumpage sourses of riverside water-intakes, developing a subsoil aquifer or intermediate water that hydraulically interacts with it, can show the effect of the processes of water balance adjustment in the unsaturated zone to the accompanying subsoil water level drawdown. In this case, because of the shallow depth to subsoil water, its level drop due to water withdrawal causes a decrease in evapotranspiration and an increase in groundwater infiltration recharge. These processes have their effect on the balance structure of usable water resources as components of natural and involved resources and reduce the impact of groundwater pumping on river flow. Analysis of the operational data of the Sudogda waterintake in Vladimir oblast and geohydrological modeling were used to evaluate variations of the groundwater evaportanspiration losses and infiltration recharge and their role in the water balance structure of reserves of a field and in the impact of groundwater withdrawal on river flow. [ DOI ]

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