Фотометрическая оценка массы компактного компонента SS 433. Все-таки это нейтронная звездастатья

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[1] Горанский В. П. Фотометрическая оценка массы компактного компонента ss 433. Все-таки это нейтронная звезда // Переменные звезды. — 2011. — Т. 31, № 5. — С. 1–29. After 33 years of extensive studies of SS 433, we have learnt much about this unique system with moving emission lines in the spectrum. The orbital inclination is known from spectroscopic observations of moving lines; the distance is derived from radio interferometry of relativistic jets; the mass ratio of its components is determined from X-ray observations of jets' eclipses. In 2005, the accretion donor was detected as an A4-A8 giant, and its contribution to eclipse light was measured spectroscopically. In the present paper, the A-type star was detected via multicolor photometry on the basis of its Balmer jump. A method is proposed to estimate the interstellar reddening, able to measure the individual law of interstellar absorption for SS 433 from spectrophotometry. The method is based on extracting the energy distribution of the spectral component of a very hot source covered in eclipse and on the comparison of its energy distribution to the Planck energy distribution of a black body with the temperature exceeding one million K. The determination of general parameters of SS 433 leads to fairly accurate estimates of luminosity, radius, and mass of the A star in the system, and consequently leads to an accurate estimate of the mass of the compact component, the source of jets. The latter mass is between 1.25 and 1.87 solar masses. The reasons for overestimating this mass when using the dynamical method are discussed. In our opinion, the presence of a black hole in this system is excluded.

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