Fluids in the Earth's crust: Chemical properties (composition, pH, and Eh) and controlling factorsстатья

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[1] Fluids in the earth's crust: Chemical properties (composition, ph, and eh) and controlling factors / B. N. Ryzhenko, V. L. Barsukov, S. R. Krainov, Y. V. Shvarov // Petrology. — 2000. — Vol. 8, no. 6. — P. 557–570. The equilibrium compositions of water-rock systems were determined by the method of physicochemical computer modeling under closed and open conditions with respect to CO2 and O-2 and P-T parameters of the Earth's crust. Closed and open water-rock systems produce fundamentally different types of natural waters under crustal conditions. The differences are controlled by three main factors: the ratio of reacting rock and water masses (R/W), the degree of system openness with respect to CO2 and CO2 partial pressure, and the temperature (pressure) of the system.

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