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[1] Chumakov A. N. The ideas of marx and lessons of the building of socialismin the context of contemporary globalization // International Symposium on the Localization of Marxist Theory. Complication of Materials. — Chongqing University Chongqing, China, 2019. — P. 1–9. In 2018, it was celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth and 135th anniversary of the death of Karl Marx. Can we say that during this time his teaching has lost relevance, and the role and significance of his ideas became the property of history? The answer to this question is given by life itself. Indeed, it is difficult to dispute the fact that in the entire history of mankind no theory has influenced the course of historical development as much as marxism. The theoretical legacy of Karl Marx and the practical implementation of his teachings today also largely predetermine world development. Marxism can be treated differently, but one cannot deny the historical mission of marxism and the fact that it retains its attractive force. Its influence on world history was recognized as unprecedented and more significant than the scientific contribution and achievements of many other eminent thinkers who lived in the second millennium. And this is not surprising. Marx and marxism as a whole are inextricably linked with world history, the whole course of which basically confirms marxist ideas about the succession of socio-political and economic lifestyles, global rapprochement and unification of the peoples of the whole world. So what has changed fundamentally since the middle of the XIX century? Was the emergence of Marxism accidental or natural phenomenon? Finally, why is the significance of Marxism and the discussion around it only increasing? Answers to such questions should be sought, first of all, in the eternal desire of people to build a just society and have a happy life on Earth. So, long before Karl Marx, we see a lot of theoretical arguments on this subject. There were also many practical attempts to implement such ideas. Thus, the theory of social transformations of Karl Marx did not appear from scratch and not by chance. It was a continuation of the search for a happy life on Earth in the new conditions, when the scale, form and content of the public life of people changed fundamentally.

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