New Kinetic Models of Free-Radical Nonbranched-Chain Addition to C=C, C=O, and O=O Molecular Bondsстатья

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1. Полный текст The aim of this study was the conclusion of simple kinetic equations to describe ab initio initiated nonbranched-chain processes of the saturated free-radical addition to the double bonds of unsaturated molecules in the binary reaction systems of saturated and unsaturated components. In the processes of this kind the formation rate of the molecular addition products (1:1 adducts) as a function of concentration of the unsaturated component has a maximum. Five reaction schemes are suggested for this addition processes. The proposed schemes include the reaction competing with chain propagation reactions through a reactive free radical. The chain evolution stage in these schemes involves three or four types of free radicals. One of them is relatively low-reactive and inhibits the chain process by shortening of the kinetic chain length. M.M._Silaev_IJARCS_2019_64_13-41.pdf 1,4 МБ 27 января 2020 [SilaevMM]