Anomalous ozonolysis product of 3β,28-di-O-acetyl-29-norlupan-20-one-O-methyloximeстатья

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[1] Anomalous ozonolysis product of 3β,28-di-o-acetyl-29-norlupan-20-one-o-methyloxime / O. B. Kazakova, E. Y. Yamansarov, O. S. Kukovinets et al. // Chemistry of Natural Compounds. — 2011. — Vol. 47, no. 5. — P. 738–740. Ozonolysis of 3β,28-di-O-acetyl-29-norlupan-20-one-O-methylketoxime in the presence of ketones was used as an example to show that secondary ozonides at the C20 position of betulin are unstable and decompose to form the “anomalous product” methyl-3β,28-di-O-acetyl-29,30-bisnorlupan-20-oate, the structure of which was proved by an x-ray crystal structure analysis. [ DOI ]

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