Y–Type Zeolites Modified by Transition Metal Nanoparticles for Separating Argon from a Mixture with Oxygenстатья

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[1] Y–type zeolites modified by transition metal nanoparticles for separating argon from a mixture with oxygen / E. N. Ivanova, M. B. Alekhina, A. O. Dudoladov et al. // Protection of Metals and Physical Chemistry of Surfaces. — 2019. — Vol. 55, no. 3. — P. 433–438. Based on NaY and HY granular synthetic zeolites without binding agents, adsorbents containing transition metal nanoparticles and characterized by the selectivity for argon at adsorption from a mixture with oxygen have been fabricated. Modification has been performed by the interaction with reverse micellar solutions of silver nanoparticles, as well as by ion exchange with transition metal salt solutions and subsequent reduction of metal ions until the achievement of nanoparticles in liquid media under the effect of ultrasound. The actual sizes of metal particles and their distribution over the surface of the modified samples of zeolites have been determined by the method of transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The samples’ equilibrium adsorption capacities for oxygen and argon at 25oС and atmospheric pressure and the partition coefficients of the argon–oxygen mixture as a ratio of the Henry coefficients have been determined. It has been demonstrated that samples of the NaY zeolite modified with silver nanoparticles have the highest selectivity for argon during its separation from a mixture with oxygen. The partition coefficient value of the argon–oxygen gas mixture was equal to 1.5–1.6. [ DOI ]

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