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[1] Egorichev A. V., Kravchun P. N., Chernyshev K. V. Acoustic boundary layer // Soviet Physics Journal. — 1979. — Vol. 22, no. 11. — P. 1200–1204. On the basis of the boundary-layer concept, a method is proposed for calculating the oscillation-velocity and temperature fields in a volume of arbitrary form, bounded by rigid walls and filled by a viscous heat-conducting fluid. It is shown that the potential part of the sound field may be determined as in an ideal non-heat-conducting fluid, while close to the wall there are not only potential waves but also eddy velocity waves and temperature waves moving out from the wall. A method of solving a broad class of problems is discussed in which the boundary conditions at a distorted surface may be replaced, without significant error, by conditions at a plane boundary. [ DOI ]

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