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[1] Mv lyr: Transition from low to high brightness state / E. Pavlenko, K. Antoniuk, S. Y. Shugarov et al. // Astrophysics and Space Science. — 2005. — Vol. 296, no. 1-4. — P. 461–464. We present results of multicolour photometry of the nova-like binary MV Lyr in the years 2002 2003, corresponding to the transition of the star from its low (V = 17.8) to high (V = 12.3) brightness state. The transition lasted at most 200 days. During the first ˜50 days MV Lyr brightened at the rate 0.06 mag/day, and during the next ˜150 days at the rate 0.01 mag/day. The brightening was accompanied by a blue shift from 0.45 to 0.05 in V-R, interpreted as an increase of the accretion disk contribution to the total light. During the transition MV Lyr displayed well-known ‘quasi-orbital’ light variations and fast quasi-periodic oscillations with a typical time scale of tens of minutes.

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