Macroscopic effects of dissipative tunneling in semiconductive InAs/GaAs quantum dotsстатья

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[1] Macroscopic effects of dissipative tunneling in semiconductive inas/gaas quantum dots / V. D. Krevchik, M. B. Semenov, A. V. Shorokhov et al. // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. — 2019. — Vol. 1199. — P. 012027. Temperature effects of lD-dissipative tunneling for the two-well oscillator potential model within the strong dissipation limit for the case of semiconductor QDs of InAs, were analyzed using a combined atomic force and scanning tunneling microscope. The effect of thermal control for the amplitude of single peaks on the field dependence of the one-dimensional dissipative tunneling probability in the model under consideration was theoretically revealed. A qualitative comparison of the calculated field dependences of the lD-dissipative tunneling probability at a finite temperature within a strong coupling limit (with allowance for the influence of two local phonon modes) with experimental tunnel CVC was obtained. A fairly convincing agreement of theoretical and experimental curves was demonstrated. It is shown that in addition to temperature and external electric field, another important controlling parameter of dissipative tunneling is the type of thermostat matrix in which QDs have been synthesized, taking into account the number of local phonon modes involved in the tunneling process. [ DOI ]

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