Processing Workflow for the Dynamic Interpretation of Very-high-resolution P-wave Seismic Dataстатья

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[1] Isaenkov R., Ponimaskin A. I., Tokarev M. J. Processing workflow for the dynamic interpretation of very-high-resolution p-wave seismic data // Near Surface Geoscience 2016 - Second Applied Shallow Marine Geophysics Conference. — EAGE Publications BV, 2016. This paper deals with the processing and data preconditioning workflow of 2D very-high-resolution P-wave seismic data for the sake of follow-up dynamic interpretation. The analyzed dataset was acquired by simultaneous acquisition with low-frequency airgun and high-frequency sparker sources towed at different depth leveles. Two datasets were processed separately with appropriate parameters in accordance with the surveying specifics and the demand of true amplitudes preservation. Special attention is paid to the procedures of source function compensation and suppression of specific regular noise for the multichannel deep-towed sparker dataset – “ghost” reflections from the sea surface. [ DOI ]

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