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[1] Route to attosecond nonlinear spectroscopy / F. Reiter, U. Graf, E. E. Serebryannikov et al. // Physical Review Letters. — 2010. — Vol. 105. — P. 243902(1)–243902(4). We demonstrate generation of coherent microjoule-scale, low-order harmonic supercontinua in the deep and vacuum ultraviolet (4–9 eV), resulting from the nonlinear transformations of near-single-cycle laser pulses in a gas cell. We show theoretically that their formation is connected to a novel nonlinear regime, holding promise for the generation of powerful deep-UV and vacuum ultraviolet subfemtosecond pulses. Our work opens the route to pump-probe spectroscopy of subfemtosecond-scale valence-shell phenomena in atoms, molecules, and condensed matter. [ DOI ]

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