Combination of shower-front sampling and imaging in the Tunka Advanced International Gamma-ray and Cosmic ray Astrophysics (TAIGA) projectстатья

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[1] Combination of shower-front sampling and imaging in the tunka advanced international gamma-ray and cosmic ray astrophysics (taiga) project / M. Kunnas, I. Astapov, N. Barbashina et al. // Proceedings of Science. — 2015. — Vol. 236. — P. 1038. For observation of extensive air showers (EAS) from gamma rays and cosmic rays, Cherenkov light sampling arrays (non-imaging technique or timing-arrays) provide good core position, en- ergy, and angular resolution similar to imaging telescopes (IACTs) and yield good sensitivity at the highest energies due to the potentially large collection area. However, the gamma-hadron separation power of this method limits the sensitivity at the energy threshold. In matters of gamma hadron separation and reconstruction, imaging air Cherenkov telescopes are the instrument of choice, but a stereoscopic view of a shower is needed for accurate geometri- cal reconstruction. This makes it costly to achieve sufficiently large effective areas needed for sensitive observations at and above 100 TeV. A combination of these experimental approaches, using the respective strength of both techniques and compensating their weaknesses, could optimise the sensitivity. The TAIGA project will for the first time combine a non-imaging array with small (O(10 m2) mirror) imaging telescopes. Here, we present the first hybrid simulations combining imaging and non-imaging detectors. These simulations are used to explore and optimise the hybrid reconstruction technique and its sensitivity. [ DOI ]

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