The Adiabatic Temperature Changes in the Vicinity of the First Order Paramagnetic-Ferromagnetic Transition of the Ni-In-Mn-B Systemстатья

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[1] The adiabatic temperature changes in the vicinity of the first order paramagnetic-ferromagnetic transition of the ni-in-mn-b system / I. Dubenko, T. Samanta, A. Quetz et al. // IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. — 2012. — Vol. 48, no. 11. — P. 3738–3741. Themagnetocaloric properties of Ni-Mn-In-BHeusler alloy have been studied using directmeasurements of the adiabatic temperature change , and indirectly by magnetization ( ), differential scanning calorimetry, and specific heat measurements. The presence of a first-order ferromagnetic-paramagnetic transition has been detected for Ni Mn In B at 320 K. The magnetocaloric parameters, i.e., the magnetic entropy change, – J/kgK, and the adiabatic temperature change, – K, have been evaluated for T from and M(T,H), and from and direct measurements, respectively, in the vicinity of the first-order transition temperature. The extracted magnetocaloric parameters are comparable to that of Gd. [ DOI ]

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