Blue light alters miR167 expression and microRNA-targeted auxin response factor genes in Arabidopsis thaliana plantsстатья

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[1] Blue light alters mir167 expression and microrna-targeted auxin response factor genes in arabidopsis thaliana plants / P. P. Pashkovskiy, A. V. Kartashov, I. E. Zlobin et al. // Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. — 2016. — Vol. 104. — P. 146–154. Abstract The effect of blue LED (450 nm) on the photomorphogenesis of Arabidopsis thaliana Col-0 plants and the transcript levels of several genes, including miRNAs, photoreceptors and auxin response factors (ARF) was investigated. It was observed that blue light accelerated the generative development, reduced the rosette leaf number, significantly reduced the leaf area, dry biomass and led to the disruption of conductive tissue formation. The blue LED differentially influenced the transcript levels of several phytochromes (PHY a, b, c, d, and e), cryptochromes (CRY 1 and 2) and phototropins (PHOT 1 and 2). At the same time, the blue LED significantly increased miR167 expression compared to a fluorescent lamp or white LEDs. This increase likely resulted in the enhanced transcription of the auxin response factor genes ARF4 and ARF8, which are regulated by this miRNA. A. thaliana ARF. These findings support the hypothesis that the effects of blue light on A. thaliana are mediated by auxin signaling pathway involving miRNA-dependent regulation of ARF gene expression. [ DOI ]

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